Designing a high-performing website - The considerations

There are several rules that are important when creating a website design.

The first step to creating a website design is building a visual mock-up of it. Before programming commences, it’s important to know the client’s wishes as well as what the purpose of the website is. For different businesses, different ideas apply as to how to shape and structure a website. That’s why good analysis is needed first.

It’s important for the client to provide:

  • Detailed information about the company, the products or services.
  • Company logo
  • High-resolution images, clearly showing the products or services offered.
  • Tables of additional information that could be important for the website
  • Requirements such as colour scheme, how to position important informaion and useful links.

After having all this information, we are ready to create the structure of the website. There are several rules that are important when creating each design. It’s important to follow them in order to achieve a professionally-looking end result. Some of these rules are:

  • Correct structuring of the navigation because it is responsible for the main pages and the easy orientation of their content.
  • The information should appear in order of importance to the end user.
  • The information should be supported by elements such as colours, images and functional elements.
  • The design elements should serve their funtion right – for example, an image gallery must contain navigation buttons, shown in such a way that does not create confusion.
  • It’s recommended to work strictly individulally for each website design and client, so that the right feeling is given to the end users browsing the website.
  • The website should have original, intuitive and good-looking design.
  • The elements of a good-looking design are: colours and details, the “air” between the different sections, the beautiful images and, of course, well-selected information and content.
  • Last but not least, the website should look modern and follow the “trendy rules”, typical for the industry of the business.

When we have all of the above ready, we are done with the mock-up of your website and can move on with the programming part.

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