5 features to look for in a Content Management System (CMS)

What to look for in a good Content Management System (CMS)? Great UI, flexibility, SEO panels among others.

Most websites these days do not require hard coding every time a new page is created. Many of them simply rely on a Content Management System (CMS) of some kind. What should you look for in a CMS for your website? Here is my view:

  1. Great User Interface (UI) - A modern and good-looking CMS is better than the old-ish WordPress type of CM systems. The design should be "fool-proof" - one should know where to click next in order to update/create a webpage. Much like the user journey on a website, the journey in a CMS should be fun and straightforward.
  2. Flexibility - The main editor on a CMS page should allow for editing of both text and images. Most CM systems allow for text editing only. This proves useless when a page contains pictures, as well. When building a website, look for a CMS that is flexible enough to accommodate different types of information.
  3. SEO panels - Website optimization is critically important (as described in my previous article). One way to manage SEO is via a dedicated panel in the edit page. The panel should contain fields such as: page summary, keywords, URL, canonical URL, special code etc.
  4. Revision history and version control - It's important to be able to revert a webpage to a previous version quickly. That's why a revision panel in the CMS is very useful. With one click you can choose which version should go live on the website.
  5. Enquiries synchronization - When enquiries are left on the website, it's good to keep track of them in one place. A good CMS allows you to gather them in a single view. Each enquiry then has a status flag - green, orange or red - such that the admin can focus on those unactioned yet.

slavov/studio runs its own CMS called Humge. If you are interested in getting all 5 features at once for a great price, request a quote.