How to Create an Effective E-commerce website

However, online or not, every shop needs a successful strategy in order to move forward

E-commerce is a revolution of buying and selling products online. Indeed, there are no borders anymore. However online or not, every shop needs a successful strategy in order to move forward.

An innovative e-commerce website is needed, not only for showing products, but also for effective usability, so that it's easier for the end customers to use.

The development of an e-commerce website is not as easy as it looks like. Only the combination of many factors might lead to a good online store. Do think about:

  • Appearance is Everything.
    The first impression is everything for your webpage. Only after a second, your customers have an opinion – good or bad – it depends on you. As for good web design, do balance your images and content. This way the user can easily find what they are looking for.
  • Impress your Audience with Visual Effects.
    Choose images that suit your webpage! For instance, if you are selling clothes, do take a picture of every side. That way, buyers can easily visualize the product, and thus, the chance of a sale is higher. But remember – many pictures will definitely slow down the loading process of the webpage.
  • Specific Content.
    Usually, photos are not enough to persuade a person that your products are terrific. Words are important, as well! Words are the description of the products. This data should be specific and straight forward, without any unnecessary details.
  • Develop Strong Relation with your Clients.
    People often get attached to a brand or a particular store. Use that knowledge to develop strong relationship with your clients. How to do that? You might initiate sales, personal catalogues, personal messages etc. Do optimize your webpage in the way that your clients will have no trouble using it.

Some of the best e-commerces in the world use that strategy. Why don’t you?!

Design and Development of an E-commerce

Do you want your clients to be happy? Do you want to get rid of the physical borders and go online? Do you want to attract more customers?

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What makes our online stores different?

  • Intuitive Design
    Slavov Studio combines the best practices in web design to make the user experience as pleasant as possible. We develop stores that sell because we create a deep relation between the user and the product by intuitive and simple design.
  • Simple Navigation
    The perfect user experience is completed with an easy navigation. It is a compulsory part of the online store. The easy navigation is based on simple design and functionality; it does follow the user behavior.  We believe that simple navigation is the ingredient for a successful webpage.
  • Precise Optimization
    Clean code that all browsers love! A fast-indexed webpage that gives a solid foundation for your online marketing. Isn’t it the perfect combination to conquer the tops of Google, Bing or Yandex?